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Davis Projects for Peace

How would you like to receive a $10,000 grant to be a changemaker and a peacebuilder? If so, then apply for the Projects for Peace grant!

The grant

Projects for Peace is a global program that encourages young adults to develop innovative, community-centered, and scalable responses to the world’s most pressing issues. Students submit a project proposal, which includes a description of the project (who, what, where, how), expected outcomes, and the prospects for future impact. Along the way, these student leaders increase their knowledge, improve skills, and establish identities as peacebuilders and changemakers.

Each year a student or student team is selected from Lake Forest College and awarded a $10,000 grant to help them accomplish their project. Projects are implemented over the summer.


You are eligible to apply for the Projects for Peace grant if you are a current undergraduate and passionate about making your global or local vision of peace a reality.

You can apply by yourself or in collaboration with other students. The other students can be from Lake Forest College or other institutions around the U.S.

Here are five things you need to know 

1. Full information about the Davis Projects for Peace program, including examples of other winning projects and application guidelines, can be found on the Davis Foundation website.

2. The on-campus deadline for grant applications is 11:59 PM CT on January 15th. Applications should include a proposal and budget (see information on this page regarding proposal requirements - it is the 6th question down.)

3. Recommendations for the winning proposal will be made by mid-February, by an on-campus selection committee.  Final decision regarding the winning proposal will be made by the Davis Foundation by mid-March.

How to submit your proposal

Submit your project proposal and estimated budget sheet through our Projects for Peace grant application, no later than the deadline stated above. The grant application for Summer 2023 will be available in September 2023.

It is highly recommended to connect with Allie Olson, Director of Global Engagement,, before submitting a grant application. Allie can help give you more information on the grant and its expectations, as well as answer any questions you have.

Past Lake Forest College projects

2021: Home of Happiness for Children with Disabilities in Zambia

2021: Agroecology for Peace and Development in Mexico

2020: Language and Libraries: Expanding Educational Resources in Kosovo

2020: Kuvaka: The Bolgatanga Library Project in Ghana

2019: Safe Water, Safe Homes in Mexico

2018: Build Playgrounds, Not Walls in Jerusalem

2016: Clean Water for the Q’eros in Peru

2015: PEACEats: Promoting Peace through Food in India 

2014: The Start of Illukhena Revolution - A Step Towards its Growth in Sri Lanka

2013: Senuyaa: To Purify in Guinea

2012: Likusasa - “The Future” in Swaziland

2011: Youzhitupin (Green Diet) in China

2010: The Uncovered Artistry Project in the U.S. 

2009: Madres Fuertes: Developing a Sustainable Future for Young Mothers in Peru

2008: A Chicken Farm for Self-Sustainability in Bolivia

2007: Nepal Project in Nepal 

Interested in another way to make an impact on a community?

If so, then pitch a social innovation venture at Lake Forest College's Venture Design Challenge! 

What is a 'social innovation venture'?

A social innovation venture is a solution to a societal problem that creates social value (education, science, environment/climate, health, medicine, psychology, equality/social justice, etc…). It involves developing effective solutions to challenging and often systemic social and environmental issues in support of social progress.

For more information, visit the Venture Design Challenge page!