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Cinema Studies

Professor Don Meyer, former Professor David Amrein, and Meg Golembiewski ’10 composed an original score for Alfred Hitchcock’s silent film The Lodger, which Hitchcock completed without a score. Meyer, Amrein, and Golembiewski wrote their score for the 40-member Lake Forest College Chamber Orchestra, and the Silent Film Society of Chicago invited the orchestra to accompany a showing of the film at Chicago’s Portage Theater.

As a study of moving images, the minor in Cinema Studies draws courses from art, communication, history, modern languages, music, English, theater, philosophy, and sociology, creating a richly complex interdisciplinary conversation on film and video. 

By focusing on the historical as well as the current and future uses of moving images, the Cinema Studies minor is not limited to the study of physical film but includes electronic and digital video; it also does not restrict the study to specific places of viewing. Courses focus on the history, theory, culture, and criticism of film and video, in addition to encouraging hands-on experience in digital video production.

Cinema Studies on Campus

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