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Performing Ensembles

The Department of Music at Lake Forest College offers a variety of performance opportunities, open to the entire College community. Student-led ensembles are also encouraged by the department. 

Sylvan Singers (Women’s Choir)

The Lake Forest College Sylvan Singers (MUSC 105, .25 cr.) focuses on repertoire written exclusively for the upper voices, from all genres and time periods. Performances often include collaborations with other ensembles. Membership in this ensemble is contingent upon a voice placement hearing, held at the beginning of the semester.

Concert Choir

The Lake Forest College Concert Choir (MUSC 206, .25 cr.) performs a variety of choral music, exploring classical, global, and popular repertoire for mixed chorus from the Renaissance through the 21st century. Concerts, both on and off campus, may include touring and collaborations with other ensembles including the Lake Forest College Band and Orchestra. Membership in this ensemble is contingent upon a voice placement hearing, held at the beginning of the semester.

Concert Band

The Concert Band (MUSC 107, .25 cr.) performs marches, overtures, waltzes, and suites by such composers as Vaughan Williams, Holst, Sousa, and others. The band is open to all members of the community.

Chamber Orchestra

The Lake Forest College Chamber Orchestra (MUSC 108, .25 cr.) is an ensemble devoted to the performance of Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Twentieth Century repertoire. The group performs two concerts each semester and is open to all members of the College and Lake Forest communities, by audition.

West African Drumming Ensemble

The African Drumming Ensemble (MUSC 109, .25 cr.) is a hands-on workshop for students of all levels interested in learning the basics of West African drumming. Students work on developing rhythmic skills using authentic instruments and learn about the role of music in the cultures of Guinea, Mali, and other countries. The ensemble is directed by Helen Bond. Please visit her website for more information. No prerequisite.

Jazz Ensemble

The Jazz Ensemble (MUSC 110, .25 cr.) performs music from big band classics and contemporary repertoire. The ensemble is a great way to experience the art of improvisation and working in a jazz group context.The ensemble is open to any instrumentalists and vocalists who are members of the College community through auditions at the start of each semester. The ensemble performs at least once every semester. Contact Mitch Paliga ( if you are interested in auditioning. 

Chamber Ensembles

Student ensembles may include a woodwind quintet, string quartet, brass quintet, and flute choir, directed by faculty members from the Music Department and open to all students.